The Weather Shield Process

At Weather Shield, we are committed to enhancing your home’s exterior with a meticulous and client-focused approach. Our process, deeply rooted in our mission to prioritize your peace of mind, is designed to transform your house into a beautiful and secure sanctuary. This commitment is reflected in our detailed and attentive service, ensuring every aspect of your project aligns with our shared values of excellence and integrity.

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Step 1Consultation

A sales representative from Weather Shield Home Experts will visit your home to discuss the services we offer, tailored specifically to your needs. The representative will walk you through our process, ensuring you are well-informed about the solutions we provide, as well as complete any necessary measuring. Post-consultation, we commit to delivering a comprehensive quote within 2-3 days, setting the stage for a transparent and customer-focused experience.

Step 2Communication

Communication is a critical step. Whether directly with you or your insurance company if necessary, we manage to ensure a smooth and effortless experience. Our commitment is to simplify this step for our customers, focusing on clear communication and careful coordination of all resources needed for the project. 

Step 3Order

After the initial consultation encapsulating either insurance work or out of pocket (retail), Weather Shield Home Experts handles the ordering process with precision and care. We order all necessary products, ensuring we have everything required for your project.

Step 4Installation

Weather Shield Home Experts takes great pride in our installation process, which is characterized by our commitment to professionalism and customer comfort. Our goal is to carry out the installation efficiently and seamlessly, with minimal disruption to your daily routine, while adhering to the highest standards of quality and service.

Step 5Customer Service

Weather Shield Home Experts’ customer service philosophy extends well beyond the completion of the installation. Should any issues arise post-installation, we’re committed to resolving them expediently, with a promise of continued support for years to come, ensuring enduring satisfaction and trust.

Navigating Insurance Claims Made Easy

Let us handle the complexities of your insurance claim. Our team works directly with your insurance provider to ensure a smooth and efficient process.