Homeownership has many ups and downs. One of the biggest downsides to owning a home is having to pay for costly repairs like roof replacements after a storm. Thankfully, homeowner’s insurance will most likely pay for most, if not all of the necessary repairs without an increase to your insurance rates.

It is important to call sooner than later when it comes to insurance because claims must be filed within the first two years of the damage. Insurance claims can be a lot of work and very complex. They involve working with insurance companies, contractors, adjusters and more. It is very important to understand how an insurance claim works prior to filing the claim. The experts at Weathershield Roofing understand that insurance can be a huge hassle, so they deal with your insurance company directly.

The first step in getting an insurance claim filed is inspecting your roof. Having your roof inspected isn’t something people typically think to do unless there is obvious damage. When it comes to storms, even minor damage like cracked shingles, dented gutters, and sections peeling away from your roof can cause major interior damage down the road. It is important to hire a professional to look everything over prior to filing a claim so that nothing goes unnoticed.


Our Process


1. Whether it be from wind, hail or trees, if you think your roof or gutters may be damaged, call Weathershield Roofing to assess how bad the damage is. If an emergency patch is needed, we offer same day patching if necessary.


2. Once the level of damage is assessed, the homeowner contacts they’re agent. All insurance companies are different, but typically this will involve filling out a form online or calling your insurance companies claims department. Once the claim has been filed, you’ll set up a time for an Adjuster to come inspect your roof.


3. On the day the Adjuster comes to inspect the damage, you’ll also want a Weathershield Roofing Representative present to make sure you get exactly what you need from your claim. We will work directly with your insurance company to get the appropriate amount of money for the repairs needed.


4. The final step is scheduling a time to have your repairs made. Depending on the severity of the level of damage Weathershield Roofing can repair the damage within two weeks.