Summer – it’s the season of blue skies, barbecues, and beach days. It’s also the best time to give your home’s exterior the TLC it deserves. Your home’s roofing and siding do more than just shield you from the elements; they are a cornerstone of its structural integrity and curb appeal. This couldn’t ring more true than for our serious commitment-centric brand, Weather Shield. Here’s the breakdown on how to know when your home’s exoskeleton needs attention and why we should be your go-to for summer roofing and siding projects.

The Top 5 Visibility Checks for Your Home’s Protection

Our reliable experience with Minnesota’s varied seasons has taught us that neglecting summer updates on your roof and siding can turn into winter woes. Here are the top five signs that summer is your roof and siding’s prime update season.

  1. Shingled Out by Age and Weather
    The clearest indication of an ailing roof is the presence of cracked, buckled, or missing shingles. If your roof is over 20 years old, it’s especially imperative to see these as signs of significant wear and tear.
  2. The Leaky Cauldron
    Moisture is every home’s enemy number one, and a leaking roof is its preferred gateway. Water stains in your attic or interior walls are sure signs of trouble overhead.
  3. Peeling Paint or Stains on the Siding
    Your siding is more than just a pretty facade. It keeps pests and precipitation at bay. Peeling paint or visible stains can be a sign that it’s not performing at its peak, leaving your home vulnerable.
  4. Increase in Energy Bills
    A well-maintained home keeps its cool without the AC constantly rumbling. If your energy bills are soaring, particularly in the warmer months, your roofing or siding may be venting a little too much of your indoor climate.
  5. Potential for Pooled Water
    Water isn’t just after a cozy nook in your home; it loves to linger too. Keep an eye out for areas around your property where water is pooling – these can indicate problems like sagging in your shingles and siding.

Proactive Repairs Today, Happy Pockets Tomorrow

Addressing these signs promptly saves more than just drywall and dollars. By tackling issues early, you’re ensuring that your home’s integrity stands fast against the threats of weather. What’s more, an energy-efficient home isn’t just kinder to the planet; it’s friendlier to your wallet.

While it’s tempting to become a weekend warrior and fix a shingle or two, we advocate for the wisdom of getting professional help. Finding the perfect contractor isn’t just about flipping through the yellow pages; it’s about forming a connection with a company whose honesty matches your home’s strength. Checking licenses, making sure about insurance, and delving into customer feedback – these are the signs of a diligent homeowner in their search for a reliable partner.

The Craft of Reassurance and Restoration

Choosing Weather Shield Home Experts isn’t just about hiring a company to do the work; it’s about securing the promise of service-driven expertise. From your first consultation to the final clean-up, we’re more than contractors; we’re partners in the protection and beautification of your home. Our commitment to customer delight is rooted in the joy we find in delivering exemplary service that surpasses expectations.

Don’t wait until autumn rolls back around. If you have questions or uncertainties regarding the exterior of your home, it’s time to book a free, professional inspection. Imagine the peace of mind and satisfaction your family will feel, not to mention the boost in your home’s well-being and value.